Announcement from Hong Kong Digital Cash Exchange (HKDCE)

Dear HKDCE users


HKDCE is proud to announce that we will soon launch the first physical asset-backed cryptocurrency project, Gold Mountain Coin (GMC), on our spot trading market.





We will officially launch GMC on August 28, 2023, and enable GMC/USDT trading pair. Deposit: Effective upon launch (Supported network: TRC20)

Trading: 16:00 August 28, 2023 (HK, UTC+8)

Withdrawal: 16:00 August 28, 2023(HK, UTC+8)

Smart Contract: TRC20



What is GMC?


GMC is a physical asset-backed cryptocurrency project. It is a digital asset token issued by the Gold Mountain Center Foundation, commissioned by Gold Source Agricultural Ecological Development Limited (registered in Hong Kong on September 19, 2017, company registration number: 2581651), and supported by blockchain-based technical solutions provided by Digital Currency Center Limited. The initial issuance is 1 billion US dollars.



The main industries are as follows:


Implementation of state-owned reserve forest construction projects, covering an area of approximately 3 million mu, with an investment of approximately 30 billion in RMB.

Conducting carbon offset business.

Developing under-forest economy.

“International Traditional Chinese Medicine Valley” project, which has been approved by the Development and Reform Bureau of Bao’an District, Shenzhen on June 17, 2022, with a filing number of “Shenbaoan Development and Reform Bureau Filing (2022) 0345”.



Risk Warning and Disclaimer:


Hong Kong Digital Cash Exchange Limited (HKDCE) hereby announces the content of this announcement for information purposes only. HKDCE does not make any endorsement regarding the accuracy or completeness of the project being launched and expressly disclaims any liability for any loss arising from or relying on the content of this announcement in whole or in part. HKDCE serves as a global digital currency trading platform providing secure, fair, and reliable digital currency matching services to global investors. We have strict review and endorsement mechanisms for the projects being launched, but potential risks cannot be completely ruled out. Investing in digital currencies implies being a risk capital investor.

Digital currencies provide 24/7 trading globally, and investors should assess the risks when investing in any digital currency.






                                        Hong Kong Digital Cash Exchange (HKDCE) August 28, 2023