KHC — a new generation of high performance private financial public chain has officially launched

With the appearance of blockchain technology, services in the financial industry have made great progress. The blockchain brings extra vim to the cryptocurrency industry, and the emergence of DeFi on the blockchain has empowered more projects in the industry.


From 2019 to 2020, the DeFi market has developed rapidly from nothing. Only one year later, the total lock-up volume of DeFi in 2020-2021 has approached $100 billion, rising more than 240 times.


The popularity and drawbacks of DeFi


DeFi is so popular which has become one of the hottest topics in the crypto field.


What is DeFi?


DeFi is Decentralized Finance. It is a financial application ecosystem developed with blockchain technology. It realizes the peer-to-peer network, establishes a decentralized environment, and everyone can connect freely & manage their own assets. Smart contracts are self-executing, and do not require intermediaries. DeFi aims to provide a transparent, open-source, unlicensed decentralized financial environment.


With the rise of DeFi, the overall development of the blockchain industry has been promoted effectively, and the value concepts represented by cross-chain, distributed storage and payment, etc. have also attracted more attention.

Ethereum, which has become the hub of the whole blockchain network, is facing a huge problem in its public chain performance now. It takes two minutes to confirm a transaction on Ethereum, which causes the user’s access experience extremely unsmooth, and at the same time brings high gas fees. It is not surprise that it costs hundreds of dollars in one transaction.


These short boards objectively restrict the development of the current DeFi field. Moreover, it even limits the application of public chains in high concurrency and complex business scenarios.


In order to reduce the threshold for the majority of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who want to participate in DeFi, meanwhile, aim to expand the boundary of DeFi continuously, the KoHo chain came into being!


KHC — a new generation of high performance private financial public chain based on Side-Chain technology

KoHo chain is a new generation of high-performance private financial public chain based on Side-Chain technology. Through technical solutions such as sharding, sub-chain expansion, state channel, online capacity expansion, etc. KHC realizes 100000-bit TPS, and KHC meets the needs of high-speed and high-frequency transactions on the chain.


Therefore, KHC can serve simultaneously thousands of times per second as many users as Ethereum. With Koho Bridge’s bridging breakthrough, it is enough to support all financial activities.


On KHC, financial applications will be written as lines of code – you can’t cheat on the code, because it treats everyone equally. The code runs exactly the way it was written. Since the code will be open to public, the vulnerabilities will be revealed quickly.


There is no doubt that KHC, which bridges Ethereum and other technological ecosystems through Side-Chain technology and significantly lowers the threshold of decentralized finance, will become the first high-performance public privacy chain that truly supports large-scale business perfectly. What is more, it will also be the best environment for the development and continuous expansion of the boundary of DeFi.