Singapore Twin Towers Joint Foundation to Create STO Digital Age

First Growth Funds (ASX:FGF) and Singapore City Investment and Development Foundation jointly funded the establishment of Singapore Twin Towers Joint Fund. Currently, the co-management scale of the fund has reached 2 billion US dollars. The main investment areas are financial asset flow, new infrastructure, digital securities ecological construction. Digital new technology research and development and other cutting-edge digital fields.


On Singapore’s joint towers foundation based on digital reform by STO, cutting-edge technology can assign the traditional entity enterprise and global popular areas, investment in developing countries for technology, capital, resources, talents, business model, such as multi-dimensional support and energized, and to bring the participants continued earnings and dividends enjoy the digital era, create common business empire, We will enable individuals to start their own businesses and find jobs, and support the all-round development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises around the world. In the future, the foundation will create a distributed digital industry financial intelligent ecosystem, through the STO Twin Tower ecology, layout of AOS city smart ecology, STO enterprise chain to ecology, STO mother fund ecology, DEFI financial lending ecology, BSSS chain provider, STO digital exchange and NFT and other fields. Provide asset management, tokization, capital market consulting for all kinds of enterprises and assets, focus on digital asset asset management track for working capital, and make active strategic investment and layout for upstream and downstream industrial resources. As a programmable security, STO fundamentally improves the form of securities, reduces the cost of enterprise, platform and securities regulation, and increases the liquidity of assets in the investment region.


BSSS Global Commercial Ecology Public Chain and STO Twin Towers Ecology will be the twin engines of the Twin Towers Industrial Ecology System, and will endow the industrial ecosystem with more creative thinking and value carriers. Through the combination of industry and finance of the real industry, a new trinity of industrial finance intelligent ecology will be constructed.