SporeOcean has completed the institutional round of financing and will start global ITO on April 23

In order to build SporeOcean’s global brand influence and expand its coverage, and build a solid long-term consensus on SporeOcean’s ecology, we plan to launch an ITO event. Users who meet the conditions for participation will have the opportunity to obtain a whitelist and participate in the SporeOcean Ambassador platform proposal governance rights and other rights after submitting through official channels for review and approval.


SporeOcean Polkadot’s cross-chain DeFi+NFT operating system announced that it has completed two rounds of institutional angel round and A round financing. The angel round is invested by Animoca Brands, 500 Startups, Andreessen Horowitz, Winklevoss Capital, Breyer Labs, Cambrial Capital, Kindred Ventures, Signal Ventures, CryptoQuant Venture, HighVentures, Elemtens Capital, startVC Capital and other institutions; Institution A round is invested by 10 companies from Russia. institutional investors participate vote, including ООО «НКГ Инжиниринг», ООО ИК «КьюБиЭф», ООО «Открытие брокер», ООО УК «Альфа-Капитал», АО «Тинькофф Банк», ООО «Компания Брокеркредитсервис», ООО ИК «Фридом финанс », ООО «Атон», ООО «Церих», ПАО «Русс инвест».

SporeOcean has completed the institutional round of financing and will start global ITO on April 23




I would like to remind you that due to our limited investment scale and a large number of potential investors, we will carefully review and screen our investors based on their wishes and resources to help us build and promote the SporeOcean brand.


Overview of SPOC Token ITO

Total supply of SPOC: 6 million

Price: 0.055USDT = 1SPOC

Start time: 8:00 PM, April 23, 2021 (UTC+8)

End time: 23:00 on April 25, 2021 (UTC+8)

Subscription currency: USDT

Lock-up mechanism: no lock-up


Basic requirements for ITO whitelist application

SporeOcean will give priority to users who have traffic resources such as Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Clubhouse, WeChat, official account, and Weibo.

High industry awareness, able to respond quickly and keep up with the development of the Polkadot ecological market, have independent thinking ability and express opinions.



ITO whitelist related value-added rights

The ecological development of the SporeOcean project brings added value.

SporeOcean community resources, platform resources sharing cooperation.

SporeOcean platform has the priority to participate in periodic activities.

Enjoy SporeOcean ecological governance, paid rituals, and voting rights.


ITO whitelist performance duties

Actively promote and maintain the brand image of SporeOcean.

Do not slander SporeOcean, and immediately terminate the cooperation once discovered.

No transfer or sale of ITO quota is allowed, and the breach of contract regulations shall be immediately implemented once discovered, and quota qualification shall be cancelled.

The unauthorized use of the SporeOcean ecological brand for unauthorized business use has caused a serious impact on the SporeOcean brand. Once discovered, the cooperation will be terminated immediately.


Application steps

1. Join SporeOcean’s Telegram group (https://t.me/zz112233n);

2. Follow SporeOcean’s Twitter page (https://twitter.com/SporeOcean);

3. Like on SporeOcean’s Twitter page and repost the ITO activity details and repost the activity website.

4. Confirm your Telegram username

5. Confirm your Twitter username

6. Confirm your ERC20 wallet address

7. Confirm your email address

Fill in the form: link https://zh.surveymonkey.com/r/ZS36VM7

After the review is passed, SAFT will be sent to the registered mailbox, and a dedicated staff will contact you, please pay attention to check.


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